Anaconda package conflicts


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I swear issues like this have plagued Anaconda for years. I started totally fresh today on a Windows 11 machine, uninstalled AC, installed the most recent thing you get when you go to their homepage and click download (=2022.05). Then, if you start Spyder, it tells you a new version is available. It is smart enough to know you installed Spyder by Anaconda, so it tells you exactly what to do: “conda update anaconda” then”conda install spyder=5.3.3.”. I do this. Or did, 20 minutes ago. “conda update anaconda” is the only things I’ve done since the install that could have affected AC. That went fine, now “conda install spyder=5.3.3” And, of course solving for the environment fails, has all these issues, conda is right now scouring all my installed packages to find conflicts.

Maybe I should be brave and just post this as a bug to AC. Or find another python packager. But, when AC works it is great. Ugh.


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