alignment of the axis and data signatures in ggplot


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I took an interesting sample of ggplot here and remade it for my data
Ma data is excel file
15 obs. of 9 var.

plot3 <- ggplot(md4, aes(x = col)) +
    aes(y = Orp, fill = 'Orp')) +geom_text(aes(y=Orp, label = paste(Orp, " [", CI1," ; ", CI2, "]", sep = ""), hjust = "right"))+
    aes(y = -Orn, fill = 'Orn')) + geom_text(aes(y=-Orn, label = paste(Orn, " [", CI3," ; ", CI4, "]", sep = ""), hjust = "left"))+
  coord_flip() +

But this is where my understanding of R ended completely.
my plot

  1. Why is my variables in the schedule not in order ???

2 What should I write for the axis, so that they are aligned. The source was scale_y_continious (?), but I could not cope with an example.

3 And what to do so that data labels were on the right and left edges of the plot.


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