Add File Appender using log4j2 programmatically at runtime


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Now we migrating from log4j to log4j2. Configuration file is not changed (is includes only Console appender). We want to add File Appender at runtime, so log files are created but logs are not appeared.
When we used log4j2, we made this way:

    PatternLayout layout = new PatternLayout("%d - " + DEFAULT_CONVERSION_PATTERN);
    FileAppender fileAppender = new FileAppender(layout, file.getPath());
    logger.addAppender(new ConsoleAppender(layout));

And it worked fine. But when we moved to log4j2, we used this code:

    PatternLayout layout = PatternLayout.newBuilder().withPattern("%d - " + DEFAULT_CONVERSION_PATTERN).build();
    FileAppender fileAppender = FileAppender.newBuilder().setLayout(layout).withFileName(file.getPath())

File is created but logs appears only in Console… Can someone help please valid creating FileAppender?


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