[SOLVED] ADB over wireless – How do I get it working?


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It’s extremely frustrating to see the wireless adb repeatedly fail, when the process must seem very straightforward. Here’s how I got it working after an hour of screaming at my screen.



adb pair must run before adb connect!! Without this, it will not work even if everything else is alright.

Now the other things

  1. Forgot the wifi network on phone and reconnect.
  2. Use sudo
  3. In dev settings, press and hold on the Wireless ADB to open the full menu.
  4. Click on Pair device with pairing code – use that IP address (eg. say IP was with sudo adb pair
  5. DO NOT CLOSE THE POPUP WHICH SHOWED YOU THE PAIRING CODE, it will reset the pairing port.
  6. adb will ask for the pairing code, enter that.
  7. It will successfully pair, if not retry everything above
  8. Then hit sudo adb connect and see the notification on your phone indicating good connection.

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