[SOLVED] ActiveRecord#sanitize_sql_array method changes integer to string


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I recently upgraded the rails version of my application from 6.1 to 7. After upgrading I found that sanitize_sql_array is now changing the integer values to string.

Below are the attributes that I am passing to the method:

updates = ["`bed_count` = `bed_count` + ?", "`operating_room_count` = `operating_room_count` + ?", "`updated_at` = ?"]
values = [3.14159, 1, "2022-09-17 18:15:05"]

Now when the run the method I get the following output:

>> ActiveRecord::Base.send(:sanitize_sql_array, [updates.join(','), *values])
=> "`bed_count` = `bed_count` + '3.14159',`operating_room_count` = `operating_room_count` + '1',`updated_at` = '2022-09-17 18:33:44'"

Notice that the 3.14159 and 1 is now changed to string even though I provided integer values.

When I ran the same code in Rails 6.1, I got the following output:

"`bed_count` = `bed_count` + 3.14159,`operating_room_count` = `operating_room_count` + 1,`updated_at` = '2022-09-17 18:33:44'"

Does anybody know how can I fix this ?


seems to be related to https://github.com/rails/rails/pull/42440?

The MySQL adapter now cast numbers and booleans bind parameters to string for safety reasons.

I guess they’re working on a fix for your problem here: https://github.com/rails/rails/pull/45379

Think the best workaround right now is to cast the strings to integer/decimals in the SQL like this:

...bed_count` + CAST(? as UNSIGNED)
# or 

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