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I have this script trying to use tiptap (the text editor library) and I can’t seem to use it. I ran npm install @tiptap/vue-2 @tiptap/starter-kit
and that worked, but now that I am trying to use it with pure Javascript, it’s not working.
Here are my files :
Main page :

<!DOCTYPE html>
<html lang="en" dir="ltr">
    <meta charset="utf-8">
    <link rel="stylesheet" href="reviewpapers.css">
      <div class="div-block-56" id="editor">
         <p>Hello World!</p>
   <script type="module" src="reviewpapers.js"></script>

And my js file :

import { Editor } from '/nodemodules/@tiptap/core'
import  Document  from '/nodemodules/@tiptap/extension-document'
import  Paragraph  from '/nodemodules/@tiptap/extension-paragraph'
import  Text  from '/nodemodules/@tiptap/extension-text'
import  StarterKit  from '/nodemodules/@tiptap/starter-kit'

// create a pure javascript editor that will use the libraries above and render the editor instance in the div with the id of editor
const editor = new Editor({
    extensions: [
    content: 'Hello World!',
    editorProps: {
    attributes: {
        class: 'editor',
// function that will display the editor
// function that will display the editor in the console

So this doesn’t return an error, it returns nothing. When I add a console.log(“hi”) at the top of the page, nothing happens. Also, npm made a folder with all the nodemodules, which is where the imports are pointing, but I’ve tried it with out the “/nodemodules/” and it still doesn’t work. I’ve used it in the same file as the html between 2 script tags but that doesn’t work, and finally I can’t not have my script type be module because then I can’t import the things. Please help! I can’t seem to figure this out.


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